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Our film promotion in USA Independent Cinema Networks:

CEO Founder Miracelova Screen Institute : Arvin Miracelova

Who is Arvin Miracelova ?

His Expertize in FILM,TV and Theatre. He is also CEO Founder some screen projects such as SMTV Networks (Student Music Television aired in Indonesian 30 Local Television), Miracelova Films , beside Also founder of Miracelova Screen Institute as NGO of screen projects. He is also the winner of IYCE British Council Award 2011, Int Screen Category.Beside run Miracelova Theatre until now.

Arvin Miracelova

R.Arvin I.Miracelova
Specialties : FILM,TV & THEATRE

Founder STDC(Screen Talents Development Centre)-Miracelova Films,www.Filmbersama.com
&STDC Mobile Content (OTT)

Edu Consortium :
Founder : World Pancasila Institute (worldPancasilaInstitute.com);Student Digital Comp Incubation&SFAI(Skolah Film Anak Indonesia);School Visiting Studio Acadmy; STDC Cross Cultural Film Study; Pondokcerdaswarga.org (Prog TNI);Miracelova Screen Institute&Global Film Media Studi

Broadcast Consortium :

- CEO Balai Media TNI (TV/Radio BMW Berita Mitra Warga - Puspen TNI)/Indonesian Army TV(fta)
- Founder SMTV(Student Music Television)&Communitywood,FTA 
- Founder Indonesia World Broadcast Council (Iptv)&Indonesia Int.Documentary House(IIDH)

Awards :1st Winner IYCE British Council Award 2011&Nokia,Int.Screen Category;FEB Unair Award;Some film festivals official slcted 

Films Director:Kasih Mamah 3 Zmn(musical film,50 min),2009;Song 7 islands(musical film,90 min),2010;LoveDimension(30 min),2011;in Heart (musical),2010

Int. Distribution (Director/Script) :My Angel Song (75 min,2012);The Mystery of Java Atlantis (100 min,2012);Ocean Home not Alone (120 min,2012);Ghost Melody (100 min,2012);Eggy Secret Poetry (2012);Dancing Heaven (progress)

- Worldwide TV Serials2014:Super Sisters Mind,Nowhere,Roommate,1st sight

Musical Theatrical Director:Song of 7 Islands, 150 cast,TIM-2011

Others :
- KidsTeens TV,Indie film&Documntry Producers
- Counterpart Bdn SDM,KParekraf(past)

Edu:Henry Clay HS Dipl,KY USA,Econ HR Airlangga Univ,BusAdm&Communication UT(distance),dipl Granton Inst.

Art edu experiences : 
Acting:Tradtional&Modern ContemporaryTheatrical;Acting Class:City Academy London
Art Screen:Film Proj Mng BC;Quality Film–LFS;Film Journalism;Cinematography Masterclass - BFI 

Professional Courses:Asean study(UT),Islamic Sculpture & Learning Method(Harvard), Supply chain&Social prog evaluation(MIT)

Work history:GM CV.Dwi.Ads,GM PT.3M ,Deputy Dir PT.Mobee,Managing Partner:Skrivanek Cz,MAC,QB Prod,IBN,GTS.

Link profile , search google : Arvin Miracelova Linkedin , Arvin Miracelova Media Indonesia, Arvin Miracelova Jakarta Post, Arvin Miracelova Tabloid Kontan, Arvin Miracelova British Council, dll.



ARVIN MIRACELOVA,  Initiator and Founder CEO of the Screen Community Project
As Unique Independent Filmmaker  .

Before create cinema filmmaking project based on youth community participation and collaboration, he is success to build Student Music Television (SMTV) Networks as a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborations and meaningful professional experience for creative media students in Indonesia. Community based participation TV program broadcast in 30 local television entire Indonesia, screen community project collaboration between student and indie musician consist of many kind of TV episodes such as clip expedition, musical theatrical, musical puppet, serial musical film television, high school musical series, etc.
SMTV establish since beginning of 2009 till now already empower more than 10000 students as kids and teens filmmakers from hundreds of schools,  his dedicate to develop screen community is appreciated by the 1st winner British Council Award, Int  Screen Category 2011.

Now Arvin’s current activities has been expanding to create special film projects based on community empowerment. The film production concept is always collaborate youth community collaboration such as :
-          Student Community (high school and college) as Independent Filmmaker team and Student Artist
-          Indie Musician as Film Soundtrack and Film Guest Star
-          Street Dancer as Film Guest Star .

His project design of community screen collaboration for cinema films have resulted already some musical dance films in 2012 :
-          My Angel Song, musical film 80 min
-          Love Dimension, musical film 70 min
-          Ocean Home not Alone , musical dance film 120 min
-          The Mystery of Java Atlantis, musical film 90 min
-          Ghost Melody, musical dance and cabaret film 90 min
-          Song of 7 island, musical film 100 min

Film above links :
            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLHFintNjhk (Ocean Home not Alone talkshow in Metro TV)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0YExvv3uD8 (The Mystery of Java Atlantis)

And special next film  : The Battle of Warriors , the 1st Colossal Independent Musical Dance Film that empower “1000 young talents” from 4(four) unit productions in different region in Indonesia,
Each film project always consist of also two(2) team production such as senior director (Arvin himself)and junior director (student selected)to collaborate each other.

All films even though independent film scale have main target to penetrate international market.
 It become the mission how “local youth community collaboration” (not just Arvin)can go international . Also become the learning of screen creative entrepreneurship for indie musician as well as the film teamwork.

All films is distributed worldwide in USA independent cinema network, global digital sales, world inflight tv/cable tv/iptv, worldwide film festival. Beside still distributed in local market.

Links about Arvin Miracelova's Film Projects :

or Arvin Miracelova Linkedin

or search google : Arvin Miracelova Media Indonesia, Arvin Miracelova Jakarta Post, Arvin Miracelova Tabloid Kontan, Arvin Miracelova Ciputraentrepreneurship.com, Arvin Miracelova Sahabat Mandiri, Arvin Miracelova Ocean Home not Alone, etc.

Trailer Ocean Home not Alone, a film by Arvin Miracelova

My Angel Song, a film by Arvin Miracelova

The Mystery of Java Atlantis, a film by Arvin Miracelova

Arvin Miracelova

Founder Miracelova Screen Institute,
NGOs fighting for the screen industry's children and youth, developing a nation-building potential of local content  in each Indonesian region through the development of Screen Knowledge-Center "SCE" up and downstream of each region and its support of local human resources especially youth .
Up and downstream SCE provide learning tv station (STDC /Screen Talents Development Centre ) and aired televisionprogram (Student Music Television/SMTV Networks)
Both STDC and SMTV Networks'r initiated and lead by Arvin Miracelova.


STDC as learning screen studio empowering youth communities develop films & tv content together.

(SMTV Networks, established in 2008, is a TV programs which provides opportunities for creative student and musicians to collaborate on musical contents especially in tourism, culture, environment and humanity issues. So far, thousands of students have collaborated with not less than 100 musicians (bands or soloists) in SMTV and their works are now broadcast daily in 30 local television stations in Indonesia);

Miracelova Screen Institute is also create independent project involving youth and local community such as indie cinema movie, feature documenter, and tv episode    ( http://miracelova.blogspot.com ).



            with Thandie Newton (Mission Impossible 2, 
                Tom Cruise's GF) in  London Film Festival

            all my best friends in British Council IYCE -London Visit

            Film Co Production Meeting UK-Indonesia

SMTV History :

SMTV (Student Music Television) adalah sebuah program tayang Music Edutainment , TVnya Kolaborasi Pelajar dan Musisi Indonesia, milik bersama ada dimana-mana, yang menyatukan dua komunitas besar yakni komunitas pelajar dan musik yang selama ini terpisah menjadi satu rangkaian kegiatan screen membangun konten tayang positif televisi. Komunitas pelajar seperti student filmmaker, clipmaker, artist talent, scriptwriter hingga student VJ/reporter. Dan komunitas musik dari band dan solois.Dalam berbagai bentuk format episode tayang : Student Music Project  dan Student Music Entertainment .Telah melibatkan ratusan sekolah (SD hg College) dan band/solois Indonesia.

Program tayang SMTV dimulai sejak tahun 2009, kala itu masih dalam bentuk Music Video Akademi dan tayang di JAK TV di sela program C Musik.Dan sejak awal tahun 2010diinkubasi oleh QB Creative  hingga sekarang telah berdiri mandiri menjadi SMTV (Student Music Television) membangun jaringan tayang resmi seNusantara berbagai pulau di Indonesia.

Akademi dan film2 indie musikalnya juga sering memperoleh undangan menjadi delegasi  di berbagai Negara seperti London Film Festival.

SMTV founder adalah Arvin Miracelova, pemenang utama British Council IYCE Award 2011 , int. Screen Category. Akademi belajar SMTV saat ini telah berkembang tidak saja sebagai Music Video dan Film Academy namun menjadi jaringan sekolah kids/teens filmmaker bernama STDC (Screen Talents Development Centre)

Jaringan tayang resmi SMTV  meliputi 30 TV Lokal Indonesia (pulau Sumatera, Jawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi dan Lombok) dan TV Kabel Rakyat (rumah susun dan kecamatan)di Indonesia dengan waktu jam tayang pelajar (sore hari). SMTV berafiliasi dengan Afiliasi TV Lokal Indonesia, Konsorsium TV Swasta Indonesia dan Asosiasi TV Kabel Indonesia.Dan mulai Desember 2011 sudah relay satelit .
SMTV juga memiliki jaringan TV on line multichannels & i-pad TV , serta komunitas on-linenya mencapai 50 ribu pelajar dan musisi seIndonesia.
SMTV juga memiliki aplikasi mobile video on demand

SMTV Networks, established in 2008, is a TV programs which provides opportunities for students in creative studies and musicians to collaborate on musical contents especially in tourism, culture, environment and humanity issues. So far, thousands of students have collaborated with not less than 100 musicians (bands or soloists) in SMTV Networks and their works are now broadcasted daily in 30 local television stations in Indonesia.

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